General Tension


General Tension, known in real life as Alrick Johnson, born and raised in the streets of Rockfort, Jamaica, is a rising reggae sensation poised to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene. 

With an innate love for music from an early age, he honed his craft by absorbing the rich melodies and rhythms of reggae that surrounded him.

Drawing inspiration from his life experiences in Rockfort, General Tension infuses his music with raw authenticity and heartfelt storytelling. 

His soulful vocals and captivating lyrics resonate with audiences, evoking emotions of nostalgia and unity.

As he embarks on his musical journey, General Tension's passion and dedication have caught the attention of industry experts. 

Guided by his unique vision and mentored by established producers, his debut single, "Remember When?", showcased his undeniable talent and brought the world together with the spirit of reggae.

With a debut single that made waves on all digital platforms worldwide through Rougher Records, General Tension is primed to captivate audiences far and wide again on his next single.

Keep an ear out for this Jamaican gem as he continues to create music that touches hearts and souls, spreading the joy of reggae across the globe.